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July 20, 2019

By: Mike Six

List of Frequently Used Medications


List of Frequently Used Medications
Dose Your Alpacas with Correct Amounts of Medication
I Am Not a VET!

I have 18+ years experience keeping my alpacas healthy and well. Listed below are common drugs used for alpacas and the normal dosages. If you have any question about the use or dosages contact me or your vet.

Once in a while we just need a reminder sheet of the dosage requirements for various medications. I have written an article talking about a Silent Killer parasite and my experiences with alpacas.
(see: Mycoplasma Haemolamae in Alpacas)

- Dewormers

Dectomax: 1cc per 70lbs every 45 days SQ

QuestPlus: 1cc per 100lbs Oral (Works great kills barber poll and tape worm first application)

Valbazen: 12cc per 100lbs one time Oral (The best use for all internal parasites)

Panacure/Safeguard: 30cc per 100lbs for 3 days Oral Repeat after 12 days (These 2 products are useless for alpacas)

- Treatment for Coxcidia and EMAC

Baycox: body weight divided by 5.5 one time treatment (repeat after 10 days if Coxcidia or EMAC continues) Oral (e.g., 125 lbs divided by 5.5 = 22.72cc)

CORID: Diluted 50% with water. Treat 20cc per 100lbs for Coxcidia for 5 days - for EMAC treat for 5 days on then 5 days off then 5 days on and then 5 days off then again for 5 days. Retest if either persists. and Repeat above treatment. (I prefer Baycox) Corrid is very acidic and upsets flora/fauna

- Antibiotics for infections

Tetracycline (LA 200) .045 X Body Weight) (SQ) subcutaneously for 5 doses given one every other day. Used for blood born parasites like Mycomplasma Haemolamae. MH has been detected since the 1990's and was called Eperythrozoonosis or EPE. See Article "Silent Killer" for more info

Penicillin 10cc per 100lbs. Total given the 1st day is all 10 cc at once as a load dose, then for 9 days split dosage for 1/2 in AM and 1/2 in PM for a total of 10 days IM or SQ (better IM but alpacas get sore muscles)

- Pain and Temperature Reliever

Banimine 1cc per 100lbs Lowers Temperature within minutes. (Great for use during heat stress or high temperatures) also if giving to a cria under 50 lbs .5cc , under 25 lbs .3c, under 20lbs .2cc

- Dry Spots on Skin - Chapped Lips and General Moisturizer

EMU Oil - All natural great product for alpacas and humans

- Fungus on Legs and Feet
Cedar Oil - All natural non-greasy, also great fly and insect repellent (really works) found on internet
Any (Fungus Spray) for athletes feet works well for fungus problems also

Remember to call your vet if you are not sure and always let them know what drugs you have given your alpaca.

Contact Me Anytime with Questions:

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